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Dalmatian with a Kong in its mouth
Why Your Dog Needs a Kong

At first glance, there’s nothing too exciting about a KONG. It’s a dome-like rubber toy that is hollow on the inside. They’re available in a variety of colours and levels of toughness for dogs of different ages and sizes. But if you have ever had the experience of watching your dog spending time with a Kong toy, you would agree that they are often every dog owner’s saving grace. 


Dog with a kong


Made of rubber, they are hollow in the middle and can be stuffed with healthy treats for your dog. Kongs are suited for every stage of your dog's development and can provide hours of fun, and a host of benefits.

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Kongs help dogs with separation anxiety​​​​

Kongs are fun and keep your dog occupied and interested. Give your dog their Kong stuffed with healthy treats so they have something to do when you have to go out or want to get on with your daily tasks. Think of Kong toys as a fun/educational project to keep them busy.



Kongs make effective training aids

Kongs are fantastic as a reward when they have responded to basic commands. Finish the training with a game with his favourite toy stuffed with healthy treats.



Kongs save your furniture

Instead of having your couch destroyed by your constantly chewing pup, introduce a stuffed Kong and provide constant praise when they play and chew on that instead of your furniture.



Kongs help teething pain

Kongs are strong yet durable, so they will ease the pain associated with teething without harming their gums.



Kongs are fun toys​​​​​​​

Your dog is a social animal that craves human contact. Kongs make great “fetch” toys and are even available with ropes attached to add tug-of-war to your game time. 



Kongs can be useful for weight management

Your dog’s weight is critical to their health; about 35% of dogs are overweight or obese. Slow down eating and add a satisfying mental and physical challenge by feeding your dog from a KONG.​​​​​​​