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Perfect Gifts For Dog Mums

Wondering what to get a dog mother for Mother’s Day this year?


Mother’s Day gifts from dogs are becoming more popular, so we’ve put together some unique gift ideas for Dog Mums that will suit every budget. 


​​​​​​​Take a look at our quick and easy list of ideas for a bit of help to get inspired.


Gift Idea #1  Magnetic Hearts

Have you heard about magnetic healing? Magnetic therapy is believed to improve a wide range of conditions, particularly joint, back, and neck pain. It is also suggested magnetic therapy can improve your mood and general wellness by restoring balance to your body and your cells.  This Copper Power Heart from Magnetix Wellness is suitable for both pet and human, making it a thoughtful and practical present for a dog mum. This would be a great introduction to magnetic therapy if its a new concept.. 


Gift Idea #2 A bougie dog bed

A dog bed may not be an obvious option, but if the dog mum you know has a love of interiors, a new dog bed could be a welcome addition to the home. Upgrade the living room with a brand-new dog bed. The best dog bed for your dog is both comfortable for them and suits the taste of their dog mum. We have a whole range of dog bed companies stocked on our online shop for dog owners.


Gift Idea #3 A grooming bag

Are the dog's brush and grooming tools stored in a cupboard? Every dog owner has been there - scrabbling through the odds and ends to find the dog brush or the dog's toothbrush, just as you need them. It's an annoyance... and totally avoidable. A grooming bag is a solution to the problem. Not an obvious choice, to be sure, but this gift for any dog owner is both useful and pretty, making it a perfect choice.


Gift Idea #4  A lead flashing loop

Nothing is worse than thinking your dog is lost when you're out and about on a walk. This is a great gift option if you are on a budget. This light-up lead will give any dog mum peace of mind that their dog is safe, whatever adventure they go on together.


Gift Idea #5  A pet photography session

Probably the most bougie gift in our top gifts for dog mums, but it is perfect for the dog lover who has everything. A photography session will result in some great memories and pictures that will be sure to take pride of place in their home.


Gift Idea #6 A grooming mitt

Dog grooming is a regular activity for any dog owner, and having the right tools will make life so much easier. Dog owners are recommended to groom monthly, and even more regularly for young dogs and puppies. Have you ever used a grooming mitt?  These, from Fur Magic, can be so much more convenient than a brush or comb.


Gift Idea #7  A dog breed print

An illustrative print of their dog breed will make a treasured gift for a dog mum, as it's something personal, and something to keep for a lifetime. Petzy Prints has a huge array of dog breed prints to choose from with added wit that is ideal for gifting.


Gift Idea #8 Dog-themed printed tennis balls

A perfect gift for any dog mum, these brightly coloured dog-themed tennis balls can be easily spotted. You can order the balls in sets of 3 or4 in a variety of colours with a customised dog theme. Choose between Dog, Woof, Fetch, a paw-print or a dog bone print. These balls are the real deal, excellent quality and can be played with by two-legged tennis players as well as your four-legged friends!