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Watch! Lucy Heath's Dog Masterclass: Give a Paw

As a professional dog trainer, ​​Lucy Heath knows first hand that you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks. 


In our eight-part Dog Master Class Series, Lucy shows us how it's done, stepping us through the fundamentals of training with kindness and opening the way for a whole lot of fun for you and your dog.  ​​​​​​​



In this video, Lucy shows us how to train your dog to give a paw


Step #1: A treat in your fist

To teach your dog to give you their paw you don’t need to pick up their leg or grab them.  All you need to do is put some tasty treats in your hand and make your hand into a fist.  Present your fist to your dog and they will likely lick and sniff and try to get to the treats in your hand.  Eventually, they should get frustrated and lift a paw up.  At which point you can say,  “YES!” and release the treats to them. 


Step #2: An empty fist

After lots and lots of repetition, you won’t need the treats in your hand anymore.  Your outstretched fist will become a signal for them to lift their paw.  And you can reward from the other hand. 


Step #3: Add the word 'Paw'

If your dog is doing it every time you can start to add the word, “Paw”.  After lots more practice you should be able to hold your hand in any way you like and your dog will still be able to give you their paw.  You can even go for a high five! 


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