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Watch! Lucy Heath's Dog Masterclass: Teaching To Sit

As a professional dog trainer, ​​Lucy Heath knows first hand that you absolutely can teach an old dog new tricks. 


In her eight-part Masterclass Series, she shows how it's done, stepping through the fundamentals for a whole lot of fun for you and your dog.  




In this video, Lucy shows us how to train your dog to ‘Sit’.


To begin training you’re going to need some tasty treats and your dog’s favourite toy. 

All of the behaviours we’re about to teach are useful in everyday life, especially when it comes to things like vet visits and grooming. 



Step #1:  Get your dog interested


Get him interested in the tasty treat in your hand.  Lift your hand up and over their head.  Usually, when the head goes up the bottom goes down.  Tell them ‘yes’ and reward them with a treat.  Move them around a bit to get them up again and repeat this step.  Yes!


If you’ve practised this many times and your dog is sitting every time, now it’s time to add the word.



Step #2 :  Add the word  ‘Sit’


Do the same action again and as your dog sits add the word 'sit'. 



Step #3: Sit. Yes, good boy!


We don’t want our dogs to only listen to us if we have a treat stuck to the end of their nose.  So, if they’ve been finding this quite easy the next step is to use an empty hand.



Step #4:  Use an empty hand


If they sit with your empty hand get a treat from your pocket and give them a massive praise and a reward. 



Step #5: Fade out your hand signal


Remember:  Try to make your hand signal smaller and smaller.


We don’t want our dogs to only ‘Sit’ in front of us. ‘Sit’ has loads of practical uses, like waiting by the roadside while you cross the road, so practice having your dog ‘Sit’ by your side or in the middle of your legs so they understand that ‘Sit’ means ‘Sit’ wherever they are.



I hope you found this information useful. If you did, check out more Masterclasses with Lucy in the Lifestyle section of DogLife360.



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